Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
Anatomic Pathology
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The Cytopathology Laboratory provides microscopic analysis of cells removed from the body using a variety of different techniques such as fine needle aspiration. Body fluids such as urine and sputum are also collected and analyzed. This laboratory also examines specimens that are collected at the time of bronchoscopy, such as bronchial washing and bronchial brushing.

Cytopathology’s major focus for many years has been the examination of pap smears for cervical cancer, one of the most successful screening programs in medical history.

The Cytopathology Laboratory is located at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. The staff in this laboratory consists of anatomical pathologists, medical laboratory technologists, cytotechnologists, and medical laboratory assistants.

The Cytopathology Laboratory provides tertiary care and deals with a complex group of patients. This laboratory is also a teaching facility, and it is one of five training sites in Ontario for cytopathology technology students.

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