Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
Anatomic Pathology
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The Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Laboratory at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is a leading edge IHC laboratory.

The focus of the Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Laboratory is a reliable specialized staining method which targets specific proteins or antigens that are present in certain types of cells.    Medical Laboratory Technologists look for targets called antibodies against these proteins or antigens. Over 200 cellular antibodies are available.

IHC is used in conjunction with the microscopic morphologic interpretation by the pathologists; it provides ancillary information that gives a better picture of the makeup of cells. The pathologist uses the IHC information together with the microscopic visual to render a diagnosis useful for treatment.  IHC is mainly used for cancer identification and characterization.

A molecular pathology laboratory has recently been established for testing breast and other tumours.  This laboratory is located at St. Joseph’s Healthcare. The IHC laboratory team includes a technical specialist, medical laboratory technologists, and medical laboratory assistants. All IHC testing is reviewed and reported by a pathologist.



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